A Revolutionary Technique for Curved Toenails

No More Surgery for Your Ingrown Toenails

A unique European non-invasive procedure to relieve your pain and get you back in the game.

The revolutionary B/S Brace System provides a NON-surgical corrective procedure that will not only eventually eliminate the pain but also help correct the curvature of the nail.

The B/S Brace Magnetic system is a revolutionary corrective technique for extremely curved toenails that:

  • Alleviate pain and discomfort associated with curved and involuted toenails

  • Eliminates or reduces excessive pressure at the lateral nail edges

  • Helps correct the curvature of the nail

  • Is simple, fast, and painless and involves NO surgery and NO downtime

  • Is almost invisible since polish can be applied over the top of the brace

  • Produces noticeable, pain-relieving results in just days

Before & After

flawless foot care & Aesthetics
flawless foot care & Aesthetics

For Immediate Relief

The B/S Brace procedure will put an end to toenail pain, with immediate relief right after application.

Depending on the client's issues, more than one application may be required. The band grows with the toenail, which can mean possibly 1-4 applications before the issue is resolved 100%.


  • $50 for the first toe

  • $40 for the second toe